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Potassium pentachlorate
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Big bag red fertilizer
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Penta-nitro-fulvic acid using bio-fermentation, acid hydrolysis treatment, spray-dried plant slag as raw materials to modern biochemical control of pure compression technology, the combination of sequestered Transtech Services, containing pentachlorophenol sodium, yellow Such as potassium carbonate, potassium, potassium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, copper, zinc, iron, manganese, molybdenum, boron and other plant growth and development of more than a dozen nutritional elements and complex amino oligosaccharides, chitin, Fruits, fish protein, root activator, rare earth elements, etc., is a green biological water soluble fertilizer.
1, the product is rich in plant growth promotion factor and energy factor, can dissolve potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen fixation, so that the soil nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements in the rapid release of plant cells to promote the flow of protoplasm, The ability to reduce the crop transpiration, so that effective nutrients penetrate into the plant body, rapid absorption and utilization, breaking the dormancy, resulting in new roots, sprouts, bruising, vitality and vitality, improve plant yield and quality.
2, water-soluble, quick. After application, the activation of soil, adjust the ground temperature, drought, cold, anti-cropping, anti-disease, anti-root rot, black roots, anti-dead trees and so on.
3, ahead of listing, to promote precocious, fruit swell fast, good color, reduce the deformity fruit, to extend the picking period.

Applicable crops: vegetables, fruits and vegetables, grain and oil, flowers, herbs, tobacco, seedlings, underground crops and other crops.

Dosage: Chong Shi, drip irrigation, base facilities, ditch facilities, such as facilities, acres of dosage 10-20 kg, according to the different growth period of the amount of increase or decrease.

Note: 1, the product of strong permeability, high fertilizer efficiency, quick, fertilize without excessive, so as not to cause waste, shed high temperature to be timely ventilation cooling, shed ban sprinkle.
 2, can be used alone to ensure that the harvest can also be mixed with the use of fertilizer and can improve fertilizer efficiency, to avoid strong acid and alkali substances mixed at the same time, to avoid the use of rain or sun.
 3, the product should be stored in a cool dry place, the use of this product can be dissolved after mixing evenly, with the water impingement, drip irrigation.
4, shelf life: three years (unopened), if agglomeration or flatulence does not affect fertilizer.

Technical indicators:
N + P2O5 + K2O≥20%, humic acid ≥3%, potassium pentachlorophos rock ≥ 40%, active bacteria 120 million / g, trace elements, compound vitamins, anti-cropping agents, rooting activators, low Polysaccharides, chitin, alginic acid, edible fruit, fish protein, marine active substances and other appropriate amount.

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