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Fast rooting
5kg * 4/20kg/box
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Rooting series
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This product is extracted from deep seaweed algae, brown algae, shells, the use of international enzymatic hydrolysis technology, carefully developed from the active substances, is a highly efficient plant rooting water soluble fertilizer new products.

1, the product is rich in indole organic acid auxin, mannitol, cytokinin, gibberellin, plant alkaloids and terrestrial plants do not have more than 40 kinds of minerals and eighteen kinds of amino acids and other natural active substances , Can be integrated regulation of plant physiological function.
2, strong rooting, rooting roots, by stimulating cell differentiation, stimulate the plant germination of new roots and produce fibrous roots, so that the rapid growth of root system developed, the main root is strong, lateral root intensive, fibrous roots increased, to prevent root aging, promote plant robustness and cutting rooting.
3, the activation of soil, adjust the ground temperature, to prevent soil compaction, anti-cropping, to prevent natural disasters caused by retting root, rot, dead seedlings, yellow seedlings, weak seedlings, yellow, withered, not root and other adverse symptoms.
Impulse: dilution 400-600 times with water Chong Shi
Drip irrigation: dilution 600-800 times with water drip irrigation
Irrigation root: diluted 1000-1500 times in the plant at the base, to achieve the effect of rooting seedlings.
Foliage spray: diluted 800-1000 times evenly sprayed on the opposite side of the leaves, melon plants diluted 1200-1600 times.
Transplanting rooting: dilution 300-500 times dip root, dip root, promote rapid rooting, improve drought resistance, improve survival rate.
Cutting rooting: diluted 150-300 times, dip root, soaked seedlings, with the role of rapid rooting, for the root of the trees are not easy to survive.
Other treatment: the trees, crops can be combined with watering, drip irrigation, foliar spraying and other treatment, can promote the root more seedlings strong, promote the absorption and utilization of fertilizers, to resist natural disasters and other effects.

Technical indicators: fulvic acid ≥ 45g / L, humic acid ≥ 35g / L, N + P2O5 + K2O (single element content of not less than 40g / L) ≥ 200g / L, trace elements ≥ 15g / L, rooting agent 8g / L, keratin, alginic acid, fish protein and other appropriate amount.

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